Providing easy to use file sync and share in a secure, privately hosted environment.

In today’s business environment, files need to be accessible to employees, whether they are on the go or in the office. With ZiDOL Z-Hub, files can be synced to and from any device. Laptops, desktops, tablets, mobile devices – now your latest data can be automatically synced safely and securely from anywhere.

Share Protected Files with Anyone 

Rapidly share files of any size with anyone. Whether you need to share files with coworkers or with someone outside of your organization – such as a customer, partner, or vendor – files can quickly be shared via email or direct link. Passwords and expiration dates can seamlessly be added to increase security to make sure only the intended recipient can view the file for an allotted period of time.

Flexible User Interface for Collaboration 

With an intuitive user interface, your employees will be able to start using the platform immediately – no training is needed. Familiar drag and drop, file select, and automatic folder syncing features are all available.

Collaboration with ZiDOL Z-Hub is simple and secure. Permission to access a file can be directly given to any or all users within a company, or files can be sent to anyone outside of the organization (to partners, vendors, suppliers, etc.) for collaboration. With version control, users can see and edit the latest update from their team and have the ability to modify the file without the risk of destroying the file. Even if a team member deletes a file, the owner retains full version control and can recover the team’s work.

Security & Encryption

With ZiDOL Z-Hub, your data is guaranteed to be stored in our secure data centers, and there is no uncertainty as to the location of your data. Your data is secure and protected at all times in a single-tenant environment with the highest levels of security (SOC 2 Type II certified and SSAE16 audited data centers). ZiDOL Z-Hub data centers use state-of-the-art 256-bit AES data encryption technology to protect your hosted data at all times. Anti-virus scans also add an increased layer of data protection.

All of your email accounts can be accessed in one central web-based location. Whether it’s Office 365, Gmail, Exchange, or another email client, users can automatically connect to all their email accounts and get one consolidated view within ZiDOL Z-Hub. This makes sharing files even simpler, as everything can be done in one central location.


The ability to undelete allows the file owner to get back anything that users delete and maintain control in a collaborative environment. A full audit statement of file history is available to the file owner, and the owner can quickly restore a file that may have been accidentally deleted by a team member. Additionally, there is no need to leave ZiDOL Z-Hub to view a file. With a built-in native file viewer, documents can be reviewed without the need to open the native app allowing your team to be productive on any device.

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