ZiDOL provides an efficient cloud architecture, with the highest level of support and infrastructure for demanding cloud applications.

Every organization has a cloud computing strategy- the cost benefits and convenience cannot be ignored.  It accounts for 70% of tech spending in 2020, and by 2025, 80% of organizations will migrate towards the cloud.  So why isn’t everything on the cloud yet?  Big public cloud services like AWS and Azure are almost ubiquitous, and for basic applications like email servers and web services, they are an easy choice.  However, your needs go beyond basic hosting, that’s where ZiDOL Resources comes in.

Some applications require more resources, support, and technology that large public cloud options can’t meet.  The pricing models of large-scale hosting tools make meeting data transfer or i-ops specifications prohibitively expensive.  Some legacy applications are critical to your business but don’t fit neatly into traditional cloud environments and need more specialty setup and management than big public options offer.

Beyond Archiving 

ZiDOL built a successful business with multiple Fortune 500 customers by efficiently hosting some of the most demanding software in the world.  We developed methods to cost-effectively archive, search, and index petabytes of information for customers, with innovative ways to connect to their existing infrastructure and with tools that were traditionally thought of as on-premise only.  

ZiDOL takes powerful, demanding applications that our customers struggle to manage in traditional environments and makes them viable and cost-effective in our ZiDOL Cloud-hosted environment. These software tools aren’t basic applications – they require optimized hardware, specialized configurations, and knowledgeable personnel to implement and manage them.  ZiDOL uses a combination of off-the-shelf hardware, open-source software, and monitoring tools to build efficient and manageable environments for high-performance applications while keeping costs under control.

Rely on our Experience 

While there are a multitude of open-source tools that you can utilize to develop a cloud platform, few companies have the necessary expertise, training, or dedicated resources to deploy them in a comprehensive manner without losing focus from their primary business mission.

ZiDOL uses best-in-class tools such as Proxmox, Ceph, and OpenStack to develop high-performance cloud environments.  Our customers reap the rewards of the low cost of open-source tools and readily available hardware but receive a comprehensive, supported environment provided by the ZiDOL team. This is particularly true for high-performance applications that are expensive to run in large cloud environments due to the specialty resources they consume.  In contrast to a traditional server-by-server environment, the ZiDOL Cloud architecture uses fewer hardware resources.  We are able to demonstrate these advantages to customers on a regular basis as we compare the cloud architecture costs in our data center to the on-premise costs of our customers who are still deploying solutions on traditional architecture.  We also reduce the client personnel needed to support these environments.

Our hosting approach provides you with flexibility as well if you are not in a position to deploy to 3rd party clouds because of security requirements, regulatory issues, or internal directives.  ZiDOL can be deployed as a public, private, or hybrid cloud on-site at the client’s data center, offered in our data center, or as part of a hybrid architecture.  ZiDOL deployments allow customers to take advantage of cloud flexibility and low costs in their data centers.  A hybrid deployment allows customers to host non-critical data or high-performance applications without sensitive data in the ZiDOL data center while keeping key or sensitive data in-house.  It also allows the ZiDOL data center to act as a high-availability or disaster recovery site to a customer’s primary site.

In short, ZiDOL Resources provides an efficient cloud architecture in a flexible deployment model while including the highest level of support for both infrastructure and demanding hosted applications.  If you have legacy, high-performance, or otherwise challenging applications holding up data center consolidation or cloud initiatives or simply want to reduce overall cost, ZiDOL can help. 

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