Now is the time to prepare for eDiscovery and compliance for your collaboration tools. Zovy Connect makes it easy.

Zovy Connect provides the ability to compliantly capture messaging content from all major enterprise collaboration platforms. 

Communications in the workplace are developing rapidly, and have been over the past 5 years.  However, there are 3 factors that have accelerated it even further in the past 6 months; the increase in need for collaboration with work at home employees, the evolution of instant messaging to less ephemeral forms of communication, and the spread of Microsoft Teams.  With more critical business being conducted in applications like Teams, Slack and Zoom, and case law and guidelines continuing to evolve, concrete retention policies and eDiscovery plans for new communications tools are a necessity for any organization.  Now is the time to consider eDiscovery, retention and compliance for these applications. If you wait until the first subpoena or legal request, it will be too late.  

Zovy has created Zovy Connect, which allows you to quickly and easily capture Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Salesforce, web content, and more.  The module is highly configurable, yet completely automated, ensuring that all necessary data is securely captured and archived into your Zovy Archive instance.  For Microsoft Teams, Connect captures all critical data, including 1:1 chats, group chats, shared files, and library files.  It also ensures that the data is preserved in a format suitable for eDiscovery or compliance retention/supervision purposes. 

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