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Zovy has extensive experience in a variety of heavily regulated fields including, financial services, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and energy, among others.  We understand all of the competing factors that go into making sure your company is meeting all of its compliance and regulatory obligations.  Risk management, cost information technology concerns and business

Zovy offers full Compliance as a Service (CaaS), taking the burden off of you to properly identify, manage, secure, and access all data and regulated electronic correspondence in various formats and locations.  

There are many factors that go beyond the initial rules and regulations to ensure proper data retention, communications supervision, sanctions compliance, and other concerns.  It’s important to have the proper policies and tools to reduce and meet ethical goals as well.  Other departments may have conflicting needs to meet their business requirements.  And INformation Technology will be concerned with the cost of maintaining all this data.  

And, of course, it has to be enforced.  It is no longer good enough to have a written retention policy, or a privacy policy, or an declared legal hold, even if they are clearly communicated to employees.  You need a way to ensure the policies are followed consistently across the enterprise, and be able to prove to an outside entity that you are doing so.

Zovy will work with your legal, compliance and records management teams to understand the regulatory, legal and industry requirements that affect your data and meet them while reducing risk.  We’ll also work with the business stakeholders to understand their retention needs and how they mesh with IT and regulatory requirements.  We balance all of this with cost optimization, and apply technology as necessary to automate the processes.

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