Zovy has moved more than a million users to and from legacy environments like DSmail, HP IAP, Enterprise Vault, Microsoft Exchange On Premise, and Google.

Change is the only consistent factor when assisting our customers with their data management standards and systems. Companies are expected to deal with acquisitions of new divisions, adopt the latest technologies, modify company standards, and make changes in collection methodologies. They also need to be experts in selecting and implementing new technologies to effectively meet their business goals.  This means that they in turn have to manage the very difficult challenge of migrating their data from a legacy system to a new or different platform. 

At Zovy Cloud, we realize that the most risky, and often the most expensive part of any implementation is the migration of data from the old system into the new environment. What makes this arduous task even more difficult is that the only way to learn how to properly conduct an in-depth data migration is with experience, and trial and error. Most businesses do not have the time or expertise to go through this process. 

Diverse Data Sources 

The engineering team at Zovy Cloud has had the benefit of years of experience supporting companies with this transition. We have moved more than half a million users to and from products like DSmail, HP IAP, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Microsoft Exchange On-Premise, Office 365, Lotus Notes, and Google. Although each migration is different, there are common threads that can only be learned by experience. Zovy Cloud provides this experience to all of our clients. 

Zovy Cloud provides turnkey migration services, ensuring that the data migration is completed cost-effectively and on time, with critical documentation available for legal and regulatory purposes.  All of the core data integrity is maintained, as well as key metadata and audit information.  

Large data migrations can also take significant computing resources to complete in a timely manner.  Zovy Cloud can bring the full power of our purpose-built migration environments in our secure data centers to bear, ensuring that your migration is completed quickly, and without your organization needing to provision costly equipment or computing resources for a temporary project.  We also offer encrypted transport devices capable of shipping hundreds of terabytes of data.

Migrations Taken Seriously 

We also realize that data migrations don’t happen in a vacuum.  Your data is still critical during the process and needs to be accessible to your business.  Migrations occur in the background on a copy of the data, so users’ day-to-day processes aren’t affected, and the data is always available for eDiscovery and compliance.  

For legacy archive systems like Enterprise Vault, we can also make the data available directly in the interface of the new archive- no migration necessary.  With our EV Bridge, your organization gets the instantaneous advantage of the new archive, with updated features and performance, without a long migration process.  

Full documentation, fully appropriate for presentation to a legal entity or regulatory body, is produced for every migration.  Retention policies can be applied at the time of migration, ensuring that your organization is only moving and keeping data that is absolutely necessary. This reduces both cost and legal risk.  Even if the data in the legacy system is corrupt or inaccessible, Zovy will fully document the issues, ensuring that your company is in the clear in the event of legal questions or compliance investigations.  

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