Zovy for Office 365

Zovy Cloud Solutions are fully complementary to Office 365 implementations, and can improve any organization’s hosted email instance.

Over 90% of current Zovy Cloud customers use Office 365 or a similar hosted email platform.  Zovy solutions are fully compatible (and have been since the release of Office 365) and can be connected in a matter of minutes.  Whether you are a long time user of Office 365, or are in the process of migrating, Zovy is a critical component of your cloud data governance strategy.

Zovy Cloud engineers have worked with hundreds of customers through the Office 365 implementation process, and have the benefit of experience in a wide variety of industries and strategies.  We can assist with the implementation of Office 365 itself, as well as ensuring that you have all of the critical compliance, eDiscovery and data retention tools that your organization needs.  

For many organizations, the most challenging part of implementing Office 365 is dealing with their legacy data.  Zovy Cloud solutions can help reduce the amount of email and file data that has to be migrated to the cloud.  If you have a legacy archiving solution, the process is even more difficult, as the data balloons in size and complexity as it is migrated out of a single instance solution and into Office 365.  Zovy can ensure that the data is retained and available to end users, without a costly and time-consuming extraction and import into Office 365.

A critical part of moving to hosted solutions is an intelligent migration strategy.  Simply moving your existing data into the cloud wholesale can be costly, and does nothing to reduce the risks associated with improper data retention.  Zovy Cloud solutions include Data Detect, which allows you to intelligently prioritize your data for migration, only moving what is critical for the business to the new environment.  At the same time, it identifies data that is out of your retention policies or contains data with business risks, such as Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Protected Health Information (PHI) or PCI (Payment Card Information).  This combination of reduced legal and compliance exposure with more cost-effective data migration is critical for any implementation.  

Zovy Cloud also provides powerful complementary eDiscovery, legal hold, data retention and surveillance capabilities.  More robust and targeted legal search and hold capabilities to ensure that you can target only the data that is absolutely necessary for legal issues.  This means less risk and lower eDiscovery costs.  Zovy Solutions also include communications surveillance and compliance tools that have been proven in the toughest regulatory environments in the world.

The Zovy Cloud team can also provide an unparalleled level of personal service.  We know that in legal and compliance matters, accuracy is critical and timelines are of the utmost importance.  Our team has years of experience and can assist your legal, human resources, or compliance teams with critical searches and productions.  We can even assist in documenting search histories, productions and methodologies in official formats suitable for presentation in a legal or compliance situation.

All of this is available for any Office 365 environment; it works out of the box with any license level.   You can have advanced eDiscovery and monitoring tools with even the most basic of Office 365 subscriptions.  It even allows for cost-effective retention of deactivated user data, with no loss of eDiscovery functionality or the necessity to manage shared mailboxes, giving you more functionality with reduced license costs.  

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