Empower your legal and IT teams to conduct eDiscovery in a highly efficient, intuitive and defensible manner, with Zovy AeD.

Zovy Advanced eDiscovery (AeD) provides a comprehensive eDiscovery platform that empowers your legal and IT teams to conduct eDiscovery in a highly efficient, intuitive, and defensible manner. Powered by the Micro Focus (IDOL) platform, Zovy AeD delivers complete and flexible eDiscovery. Whether you are a law firm that specializes in delivering eDiscovery services to your clients, a government entity needing an efficient way to deliver Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) results, or an organization looking to proactively prepare for litigation or mitigate risk and comply with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), Zovy AeD delivers trusted technology to enable end-to-end eDiscovery.

Unparalleled Support for Any Data Type

It is imperative that all potentially relevant ESI be retrieved in the eDiscovery process, and that it can be easily searched and reviewed by key personnel. Zovy AeD supports more than 1,200 data formats and 400 data sources in more than 140 languages across both structured and unstructured Electronically Stored Information (ESI). The conceptual and contextual meaning of all ESI can be recognized and understood with the power of IDOL.

Meaning Based Coding

An advanced form of technology-assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding, Meaning Based Coding (MBC) enhances the accuracy and efficiency of early case assessment and document review. Based on an initial human input, MBC instantly retrieves all potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) for your case. The power of IDOL within Zovy AeD allows for machine learning capabilities that recognize the pattern of tagging from human input and automatically reviews and tags large volumes of information automatically.

Key Analytics

A visual analytics toolset is vital to recognize the full value of modern eDiscovery efforts, and with the ability to understand your ESI, Zovy AeD visually organizes data to facilitate conceptual understanding of your relevant data. Visual analytics produce 2-D and 3-D cluster maps, substantive concept hierarchies, email link maps, and message trackers, and parametric searches for enhanced filtering to optimize your eDiscovery process.

Easy to Deploy and Use

AeD is uniquely suited for corporate IT departments who need more eDiscovery capabilities but want to reduce eDiscovery costs.  It’s low cost and ease of use brings advanced review and analytics within reach of organizations that would normally need to outsource them.  

Early Case Assessment 

Analyze and gain insight into your case before the document collection process begins. Early case assessment allows you to understand the potential risk of the case, the estimated cost of the case, and estimate the number of resources the case may require. With Zovy AeD early case assessment, you can take advantage of the power of IDOL to analyze data in place and streamline the early case assessment process to prepare for an FRCP 26(f) meet and confer session.

Fast, Simple Review

Leveraging the deep capabilities of IDOL, Zovy AeD offers an intuitive review process using the most advanced ESI categorization and visualization tools available. Users have the ability to conduct a traditional linear review, non-linear review, or technology-assisted review (TAR) as necessary and benefit from a choice of predictive technologies (including Meaning Based Coding) when conducting the review. Document review is seamlessly conducted in a familiar environment that allows the review of documents in more than 1,200 formats.

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