Zovy is the owner of Nearpoint, and provides support, development and services to NearPoint customers.

NearPoint, originally known as Mimosa NearPoint, was originally developed in 2003.  It had the unique ability to not just archive emails, but create a complete backup of the entire Exchange system, with little overhead.  It offered clients the ability to meet legal obligations with a complete record of emails over time, save space in Exchange, and restore all or part of Exchange from backups.  

As technology has evolved, many customers have transitioned to hosted email solutions, mailbox sizes are no longer a critical factor, and there are other forms of communication outside of Exchange that are important from legal and compliance perspectives.  New versions of NearPoint are no longer being actively developed.  However, Zovy is dedicated to supporting our Nearpoint customers.  Securing your data is important to us, and we will ensure that your NearPoint data is accessible, as well as help you plan for the future of that data.

New Archiving Solutions

Zovy now offers Zovy Archive, an archiving solution designed with NearPoint customers in mind.  It is compatible with Office 365, designed on modern architecture, and works with a wide variety of information sources, not just Exchange.  Migrating your data to Zovy Archive is a turnkey process- our team handles everything, from the actual migration to any compliance or legal documentation that is required.  And Zovy archive is even more efficient at storing data so that you don’t have to worry about increases in data size as it is exported from the archive.


Zovy has supported and developed NearPoint for years; no one knows the technology better than us.  We can not only assist with your migration, we can also keep your archive healthy during the process- often the largest challenge as you place more stress on the hardware and software than you typically see in normal use.  We have assisted hundreds of clients with their archive migrations and can guide you through the process.  Whether the target for the data is Zovy Archive, another archive solution, or Office 365, we can guide you through the process.  We focus on the entire process, not just the technology,  With the benefit of our experience, we can assist with important decisions and considerations, like how to handle data expansion, retention policies, what to do with inactive user data, and other issues that you may not have considered.  

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