Built for Education

  • Reduce and predict IT costs
  • Enable internal compliance with regulatory requirements
  • Comprehensive data search and eDiscovery
  • Quickly respond to litigation and investigations
  • Create a bottomless mailbox environment for users
  • Choice of a secure hosted, local or hybrid solutions

Zovy offers a solution to help educational institutes manage all of their
data governance needs.

Zovy works with both K-12 and higher education customers and as such is uniquely positioned to have an inside perspective on the data governance challenges they face including:

  • The management of ever-increasing amounts of data created by users and the addition of new and mobile devices on a regular basis.
  • The constantly increasing demands for IT services coupled with decreasing IT budgets.
  • The need to meet compliance, eDiscovery and governance regulations, and ensure the safety and accessibility of all data.

In order for educational institutes to provide the best learning environment, they must be able to successfully handle the challenges associated with data management.

From monitoring for student bullying via email to responding to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to maintaining the privacy of student records in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), Zovy understands the challenges educational institutes face and can help any educational institute successfully address these challenges.

Data and Device Growth Management Internal data growth is unpredictable and new devices are regularly being introduced. Zovy allows educational institutes to:

  • Leverage enterprise-class security and infrastructure in a hosted, on-premise or hybrid environment.
  • Easily predict the costs associated with data growth.
  • Scale data without limits.
  • Search data with the most comprehensive archiving search tools.
  • Manage data from all types of devices and adapt to technological innovations.

Zovy addresses the specific challenges of the education sector in several ways:

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