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Does your organization rely on Micro Focus (formerly Autonomy) IDOL to support search in your applications,  deliver enterprise search, unified data analytics, and artificial intelligence to your business? 

Zovy can help support this effort, and host your environment in our data center. 

Here’s why you should consider this: 

It is widely trusted. 

Micro Focus Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) is used by thousands of companies for enterprise search, unified data analytics, and artificial intelligence applications.

From big data analytics, risk assurance, and forensics, to custom search applications, to GDPR applications, IDOL is a vital component that allows companies to search, analyze and understand large data volumes.  

IDOL was originally created by Autonomy, with billions of dollars invested in development, and it offers unparalleled speed, efficiency, and compatibility with a wide range of file formats and data sources.  It also has unique capabilities, such as multilingual support, speech processing and video search capabilities.  

Flexible & Affordable Hosting Options. 

An IDOL environment hosted by Zovy is more cost-efficient, reliable, and easier to maintain than any that you could manage on your own.  Zovy Cloud has the experience and knowledge necessary to allow your organization to take advantage of the full power of IDOL without the expense of purchasing specialized hardware and dedicating full-time employees to the application. 

Zovy Cloud offers both hosting of IDOL in the Zovy Cloud data center and management of the IDOL environment, freeing up hardware and management resources from the customer.  

Size does not matter. 

For nearly 15 years, Zovy Cloud has maintained several of the largest IDOL environments in the world.  

Large, efficient multi-customer IDOL environments in dedicated Zovy Cloud data centers are a key part of our longtime Zovy Archive offering. IDOL forms the backbone of our tools, and smooth operation has been essential to the success of our products.  

We have experienced engineers who have provided a wide variety of IDOL implementation, consulting, and support services to customers in all fields, including ones with high regulatory and security requirements like finance, energy, and healthcare.  

Highest security standards in the industry. 

Security and reliability are also paramount. Unlike traditional cloud services that are fully shared (multi-tenant), Zovy hosted IDOL instances are deployed as single-tenant installations residing on their own secure VLANs.  

Your environment is distinct, ensuring that only you have access to your data.  State of the art firewalls with unified threat management technology further guarantee that your data is secure.

IDOL data is encrypted both in transit and at rest. In addition, the physical security around your data is more complete than what most of our customers can provide in-house.  Our SOC 2 certified data center security includes on-site monitoring with a security presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  Closed-circuit television is used throughout, and access is controlled and logged with photo ID keycards, and biometric security. We can also assist you in implementing the latest features in the newest versions of IDOL, such as Content Engine encryption.  

Zovy’s optimized environment offers better performance, more reliable access, and lower overall total cost of ownership for our clients.  When compared with the internal hardware costs, personnel resources, and other infrastructure, the cost savings are significant. 

Let us show you how to save money and reliably host any aspect of your current environment. Call today for an IDOL environment evaluation and complimentary report. 

Learn more today.

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