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There are four key things you need to know about collaboration as a compliance professional, click the above to learn more. 

ZiDOL Connect will help you create a better environment for all teams, eliminating conflict and bias across your organization. 

This unified approach to digital messaging transformation will help you reduce IT costs and harmonize communication across your enterprise. 

Existing case law has already determined that data online collaboration applications are fair game for legal eDiscovery. Comply with Rule 26(b)(1) in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and avoid regulatory action. 

Top 4 Reasons you need to Monitor Teams & Zoom Data 

  1. All data can be subject to litigation.

    Taking responsibility for compliance across all data platforms, including newly adopted applications, is an important first step in air-tight compliance strategy. 

  2. Centralized Communication.

    All review and eDiscovery for all sources can be performed easily in one place. 

  3. Accessibility & Analysis.

    Quickly identify and eliminate risk across Teams, Zoom, IM, and more applications. 

  4. Set it and forget it.

    Once you’ve established supervision over these new data sources, your compliance posture is assured.

Following the rules applies now more than ever with the influx of Work From Home adoption. 

Communications in the workplace are developing rapidly, and have been over the past 5 years.  However, there are 3 factors that have accelerated it even further in the past 6 months; the increase in need for collaboration with work at home employees, the evolution of instant messaging to less ephemeral forms of communication, and the spread of Microsoft Teams.  

With more critical business being conducted in applications like Teams, Slack and Zoom, and case law and guidelines continuing to evolve, concrete retention policies and eDiscovery plans for new communications tools are a necessity for any organization.  

Now is the time to consider eDiscovery, retention and compliance for these applications. If you wait until the first subpoena or legal request, it will be too late.  

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