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As organizations continue to leverage chat and conference tools, IT teams are often challenged with the roll-out, optimization, user guidance, and more to properly leverage these applications. Compliance teams have also grown more alert to collaborative tools as their data footprint of the overall organizations continues to balloon. 

99% of remote workers use an average of 4.8 different conferencing applications

(IDC, 2020)

Communications in the workplace are developing rapidly, and have been over the last several years.  Since, the pandemic, IT and compliance teams have been tasked with countless initiatives related to their employee’s communications and related tools. There are 3 critical factors that have accelerated it even further; an increase in the need for collaboration with work-at-home employees, the evolution of instant messaging, and the explosive adoption of Zoom and Microsoft Teams.  With more critical business being conducted in these cutting-edge applications, and case law and guidelines continuing to evolve, concrete retention policies and eDiscovery plans for new communications tools are becoming a necessity for many organizations.  

All data can be subject to litigation (these tools are not exempt!)

Taking responsibility for compliance across all data platforms, including newly adopted applications, is an important first step in an air-tight compliance strategy. This data must be available for discovery in legal cases and is often a popular repository for nefarious activity.

Centralized communication will harmonize work flows.

All review and eDiscovery for all sources can be performed easily in one place. This will reduce time, energy, and effort on your teams and streamline their work flows.

Maintain accessibility & easy analysis across multiple sources.

Quickly identify and eliminate risk across Teams, Zoom, IM, and more applications.


Key Benefits of Zovy Connects



Quickly and easily capture Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack, Salesforce, web content, and more. You choose, we archive.


Completely automated yet highly configurable, all data is securely captured and archived.


All data is preserved in a format suitable for eDiscovery or compliant retention and supervision.

Complete Capture

For hard-to-reach Teams messages, Zovy Connect captures all data, including 1:1 chats, group chats, shared and library files.

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