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Zovy Cloud provides comprehensive data archiving and hosting services to our enterprise customers – and we do it better than anyone else in the world.  Zovy is proud to deliver cost-effective customer experiences through our unique cloud-based hosted distribution and delivery services, with full Compliance as a Service (CaaS) taking the burden off our customers to properly identify, manage, secure, and access all data and regulated electronic correspondence in all data forms.

Zovy Cloud is a one-of-a-kind organization with a rich history and an experienced team driving its success.  The Zovy team has delivered innovative, powerful, and secure data governance solutions for over 20 years.  Zovy Cloud solutions offer proven tools for communications archiving, data archiving, communications monitoring, eDiscovery, and compliance in an ultra-secure and affordable hosted environment.  

Our customers include multiple Fortune 100 clients, in critical and secure industries such as energy, healthcare, banking and financial, defense, and government.  

Zovy ensures that your organization can cost-effectively and securely store, analyze, search and utilize massive amounts of data, with tools in place to meet internal business requirements or external regulatory, legal or eDiscovery needs.  

We are growing quickly.  Zovy Cloud leverages the experience from efficiently hosting some of the most demanding software in the world for multiple Fortune 500 companies and now offers unique, cost-effective hosting services as well.  

Zovy takes powerful, demanding applications that our customers struggle to manage in traditional environments and makes them viable and cost-effective in our Zovy Cloud-hosted environment. Zovy Cloud provides an efficient cloud architecture in a flexible deployment model while including the highest level of support for both infrastructure and demanding hosted applications.  If you have legacy, high performance, or otherwise challenging applications holding up data center consolidation or cloud initiatives, or simply want to reduce overall cost, Zovy has a solution.

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Eric Carpenter
Chief Solutions Officer

Marco Pizzolo
Chief Technology Officer

Ashleigh Berst
Vice President of Sales

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