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Zovy Archive is completely email platform agnostic. It works, out of the box, with a wide variety of messaging platforms including Microsoft Exchange (both local and hosted with Microsoft Office 365), Lotus Notes, Lotus Domino, Novell GroupWise and more. Users enjoy an archive interface with the same look, feel and folder structure as their native email application.

Zovy Archive includes single-instance storage (SIS) and data deduplication which can allow your organization to recognize up to 80 percent email storage compression. That means employees can benefit from a “bottomless mailbox” and can access email for unlimited time periods, while IT uses storage resources more efficiently. Powered by HP Autonomy’s IDOL search, Zovy Archive allows users to easily retrieve and restore old email messages without involving IT. Data retention policies can be applied and executed with ease and basic eDiscovery tasks – including legal hold – can be conducted within a singular platform. Zovy Archive makes email archiving a win for everyone within an organization. 

Zovy Archive helps companies address their biggest email challenges, including:

  • Email storage & cost reduction
  • Email search & retrieval
  • Email security & control



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Storage & Cost Reduction

With Zovy Archive, organizations benefit from a massive reduction in their email storage footprint. This means that high cost storage space can be used for other critical business operations, instead of dedicated to email management. A lower storage footprint allows for the option to create ‘bottomless’ mailboxes for end users. The ability to implement Zovy Archive in a secure-hosted environment, further allows companies to recognize email storage cost savings.

Search & Retrieval

Using the IDOL search index, Zovy Archive enables fast and powerful search and retrieval of email.  With Zovy Archive, IT does not need to get involved in retrieving old emails for employees, as the employees can search and retrieve their emails with ease. By saving time on searching for and finding employee emails, IT departments have more time to spend on activities that add more value to the organization. In addition, email archives can be proactively monitored by employers and basic eDiscovery and litigation holds can be executed on email archives.

Security & Control

With Zovy Archive, administrators have complete control over who can access email archives and when they can access the data. Users can be granted extensive access to the archive, or no access at all. Granular data retention and destruction policies can be easily applied, so only data that is scheduled for destruction can be removed from the archive.  Emails are archived at a server-level, meaning no matter where an email is created or received it is archived. Hosted implementations of Zovy Archive provide data center security and geographic distribution that most companies cannot match internally.




Powered by HP Autonomy

Zovy is an exclusive OEM partner of HP Autonomy.

Zovy Archive is powered by the industry’s leading technology by HP Autonomy. As an exclusive OEM partner, Zovy has incorporated HP Autonomy’s IDOL technology into Zovy Archive to offer companies the most comprehensive archiving and enterprise search tool on the market at an affordable price point. With Zovy Archive, you get a streamlined implementation process and a solution that is end-user friendly.


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