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Data Migration


Seamless Data Migration

Zovy has the benefit of years of experience supporting companies in migrating data from one solution to the next and has migrated more than 100,000 users from products like Zantaz EAS, Symantec Enterprise Vault, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus, GroupWise, and more.

With years of experience and a proprietary Advanced Data Migrator (ADM) tool, Zovy can deliver migration services that are both comprehensive and affordable to help you migrate nearly all data types from your legacy solutions.

Benefits of Zovy Data Migration include:

  • Reduced Overall Migration Risk
  • Lower Migration Costs
  • Decreased Migration Time


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Reduce Migration Risk

The data migration process can be risky, and can potentially result in data loss or corruption. Zovy ADM is designed to specifically reduce the risks associated with a migration – the migration process with ADM maintains metadata from the legacy system, allows for rules-based data purging, reformats data to fit the new system, and creates a neutral file format for data. In addition, the entire process and its results are documented for future legal discovery needs.  

Lower Migration Costs

Moving data from one technology solution to the next can be an expensive endeavor and in many cases requires the cooperation of competing companies. Whether your organization has 100GB or 250TB of data you will know the exact cost before the project starts.  Using our extensive knowledge gained from years of experience, and our proprietary ADM process, Zovy streamlines the migration process to spend less time migrating your data resulting in cost savings for your organization.

Decrease Migration Time

Time is an extremely important factor for all data migrations.  Zovy ADM is designed to increase the speed of data migration and, because of our unique method of data migration, we do not interfere with end users’ day-to-day activities. Migration occurs in the background and no burden is placed on the local systems. This means users will not recognize any effect of data migration and the process does not have to be scheduled around the needs of end users.



Zovy Advanced Data Migrator (ADM)

Move Your Data Safely, Easily and Without Risk

At Zovy, we realize that the most risky, and often the most expensive, part of any implementation is the migration of data from the old system into the new environment. What makes this arduous task even more difficult is that the only way to learn how to properly conduct a true Enterprise Data Migration is with
experience and the proper technology. Most businesses do not have the time or experience to go through this process on their own, and most vendors over estimate their ability to migrate legacy data.

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