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Zovy Archive integrates natively with more than 1,200 file formats, 400 databases and 140 languages.

Zovy Archive offers a comprehensive data archiving platform that enables organizations to protect, optimize and search their electronically stored information (ESI) while automating governance processes. Powered by the HP Autonomy Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) platform, Zovy Archive delivers a comprehensive and scalable archiving solution designed to help meet all regulatory and legal obligations at an affordable price.

Controlling and managing ESI is one of the greatest challenges organizations face. With Zovy Archive, you can control and manage more than 1,200 files formats and 400 databases, encompassing both structured and unstructured ESI, in more than 140 languages.

Zovy Archive helps companies address their biggest data challenges, including:

  • Reducing overall IT costs
  • Meeting legal, regulatory & compliance obligations
  • Providing end user access to data
  • Searching & analyzing data

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Reduce IT Costs

With Zovy Archive, your overall IT costs can be lowered. Data footprints are reduced by up to 80% with single-instance storage (SIS) and data deduplication, drastically decreasing your storage costs and optimizing critical server and application performance. Zovy Archive enables you to store and retain critical business information while seamlessly managing data destruction policies to keep costs down. By decreasing the number of hours IT teams spend managing user requests and optimizing data, IT teams can spend more time on high-value tasks.

In addition, further cost reductions can be recognized by opting to implement Zovy Archive in a secure hosted environment, allowing your organization to better predict and control IT costs.

Meet Regulations

In order to meet data discovery requirements, Zovy Archive allows you to gain critical insight into your data with search tools, powered by IDOL, that enable you to find, identify and preserve the exact data required to meet regulatory requirements by quickly identifying responsive data. With Zovy Archive, searches are instantaneous and the amount of time employees spend on legal issues is greatly reduced.

Extensive auditing features allow your organization to track and report on all ESI interaction in order to make sure the integrity of your data is maintained at all times. In addition, retention schedules can be custom built to meet any requirements on each specific type of ESI in the archive and streamline the data lifecycle management process.

Provide End User Access

Users want to be able to access their information at all times. However, allowing then access to unlimited amounts of data can be costly and burdensome for any company and can potentially increase legal risks. With Zovy Archive, users can be granted instant access to their data from anywhere and at any time. Users can benefit from searching and retrieving their data all within a platform that offers the same look and feel of their native applications. Zovy Archive allows organizations to choose how much access employees will have to specific types of organizational data.

Zovy Archive can also be implemented without providing end user access to the archive.

Search & Analyze Data

With Zovy Archive, companies can better search and analyze their data by eliminating the need for information silos and consolidating all types of data into one comprehensive archive. With the power of IDOL, users can search all data – structured and unstructured – with ease and develop an understanding of data in real-time, rather than rely on slow and inaccurate native search.

Business risks and costs can be significantly reduced by enabling users to find critical information, seamlessly drive automated retention policies, and support business compliance around internal investigations and external litigation.




Powered by HP Autonomy

Zovy is an exclusive OEM partner of HP Autonomy.

Zovy Archive is powered by the industry’s leading technology by HP Autonomy. As an exclusive OEM partner, Zovy has incorporated HP Autonomy’s IDOL technology into Zovy Archive to offer companies the most comprehensive archiving and enterprise search tool on the market at an affordable price point. With Zovy Archive, you get a streamlined implementation process and a solution that is end-user friendly.


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