Zovy Backup – Focused on Recovery and Restoration

Zovy recognizes the need for businesses to recover and restore their data quickly and easily in the event of a disaster.  Zovy Backup is readily accessible, easy to use, and able to recover and restore all of your business data when you need it the most.

With Zovy Backup, you can eliminate the uncertainties of data backup with a single comprehensive solution that delivers:

  • Security
  • Recoverability & Reliability
  • Manageability
  • Mobility

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Zovy Backup offers secure agentless data protection. Your data is secure and protected at all times with the highest levels of security, including:

  • AES 256-bit in-flight and at-rest data encryption
  • NIST FIPS 140-2 security certification
  • Customer controlled encryption key and authentication
  • Password rotation support
  • Compliant data destruction
  • Regulatory compliance

Additionally, Zovy Backup’s agentless architecture does not rely on vulnerable agents installed on each machine, eliminating open ports on your firewall and reducing agent-based risk.

Recoverability & Reliability

Zovy Backup provides reliable continuous data protection (CDP) features with unique processes designed to reduce RPOs and RTOs so you can rely on your backup for business continuity at all times, including:

  • Autonomic Healing – Automatically verifies the logical and physical integrity of the data and repairs corrupt data automatically
  • Restore Validation – Enables automatic testing of the recoverability of data and executes data recovery plans without affecting end users
  • Local and Remote Virtual Disaster Recovery (VDR) – Turns on a virtual copy of the backup in the backup environment to recover any data immediately


Zovy Backup provides a comprehensive and easy to use management platform to enable centralized operations and capacity management, including:

  • Single Consolidated Repository – Eliminate the need for backup silos
  • Single-Pane-of-Glass Management – An intuitive web-based dashboard
  • Agentless Architecture – Eliminate the need to install agents on every machine
  • Hybrid Environment – A local appliance for rapid restoration and a hosted copy for geographic distribution and redundancy
  • Smaller Data FootprintReduce the size of your backup data footprint by up to 80%


In today’s world, data is created from an ever growing number of devices and platforms. Zovy Backup supports agentless backup of nearly any type of device (including mobile devices and tablets), operating system or applications anywhere, at any time.

Zovy Backup can back up data from nearly any source, including:

  • Servers
  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Tablets and smartphones
  • Virtual machines
  • Cloud-based applications (Office 365, Salesforce, etc.)



Zovy Backup is Powered by Asigra

Asigra is the top rated Enterprise Backup Application in the 2014 TechTarget Quality Awards, outranking EMC, CommVault, Symantec, IBM, Dell and all others in overall quality and Storage Magazine’s winner of the 2014 Products of the Year Gold Award for Backup and Disaster Recovery Software and Services. Zovy Backup is powered by Asigra’s industry best technology and offers the only backup solution on the market that puts data recovery and restoration above all else – because if you can’t recover and restore your data, what’s the point of backing it up?




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