White Papers & Reports

White Papers & Reports


OSTERMAN RESEARCH: The Need for Third Party Archiving in Office 365

A whitepaper from Osterman Research addressing the need to thrid party archiving in Office 365.   [ Read More ]

Osterman IG

OSTERMAN RESEARCH: Developing an Information Governance Strategy

A whitepaper from Osterman Research on creating an information governance strategy.   [ Read More ]

What is Data Governance

What is Data Governance?

A whitepaper overviewing the core elements of data governance.   [ Read More ]

Osterman Growing

OSTERMAN RESEARCH: Using Email, File, Social Media and Mobile Archiving to Grow Your Business

A whitepaper from Osterman Research on growing your business with archiving.   [ Read More ]


Enterprise Data Backup: The Power of Recovery

A whitepaper overviewing the power of recovery in enterprise data backup.   [ Read More ]


Predictive Coding: The Next Frontier in eDiscovery

A whitepaper overviewing predictive coding and why it is the next frontier in eDiscovery.   [ Read More ]


Archiving: The First Logical Step For Microsoft Exchange Upgrades

A whitepaper overviewing why archiving is the first logical step for Microsoft Exchange upgrades.   [ Read More ]


Hosted vs. On-Premise vs. Hybrid: What’s the Right Approach to Archiving?

A whitepaper overviewing archive hosting options from Zovy.   [ Read More ]


Zovy Advanced Data Migrator (ADM) White Paper

A whitepaper overviewing Zovy Advanced Data Migrator (ADM).   [ Read More ]


2013 Zovy Data Governance Survey White Paper

A whitepaper overviewing the results of Zovy's 2013 Data Governance Survey.   [ Read More ]

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