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Technological advances have changed the way manufacturing companies create, store and manage information. Over the last five years, the amount of data created by manufacturing companies has increased two to three times and is growing at a rate of up to 50% or more per year. The variety of data created is also on the rise with CAD models, email communication, instant messaging, project documentation, scanned information and 2D and 3D parametric data associated with collaborative design environments. IT teams are under constant pressure to manage data more efficiently.

The number of stakeholders involved in manufacturing projects is also on the rise. Partners, vendors and customers often want to be involved in the early stages of a project. In addition, the “design anywhere, build anywhere” philosophy has gained popularity which means greater use of geographically distributed teams. These changes, while positive from a business perspective, have implications for electronically stored information (ESI). Recent changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP), for example, have made it clear that ESI management is essential when working with partners and multiple internal departments on a project.

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Zovy is uniquely positioned to have an inside perspective into the challenges faced by the manufacturing sector, including:

  •  Zovy allows manufacturing companies to reduce their reliance on inefficient PDM and PLM systems and increase overall efficiency
  • Single-instance storage (SIS) reduces the amount of data stored. Only one copy of each file is retained, which minimizes storage resource costs. In addition, the solution allows for bottomless mailboxes where users aren’t constrained by email limits
  • Data can be transferred securely and easily among different project stakeholders
  • Manufacturing organizations can rapidly deploy a solution that guarantees compliance with all FRCP policies throughout the project management process


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