Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC)

Data Governance Built for the Demands of AEC Firms

Zovy offers customized solutions to help customers in the architecture, engineering
and construction (AEC) industry manage all of their data governance needs. Zovy’s
experience with the AEC industry gives it a unique perspective of the challenges
faced by companies in the industry. These challenges include:

  • The implementation of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the impact of
    relational electronic data on the organization
  • The introduction of Integrated Product Delivery (IPD) and the changing landscape
    between partners and customers in a project
  • The growing amount of storage needed for customers to retain electronic data for
    longer periods of time



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Zovy helps AEC clients answer critical questions, including:

  • Now that all of our critical data is electronic, how do we maintain the integrity and the safety of ESI?
  • How can we implement complete data governance policies on projects that are necessary to comply with FRCP regulations and meet legal discovery requirements?
  • As a geographically dispersed organization how can we retain a central and searchable copy of ESI that meets our diverse needs?
  • How do we keep ESI accurate and auditable as we work with our partners in a BIM/IPD environment to ensure effective project handoff and milestone tracking?
  • How do we reduce the IT costs of ESI for files that we need to have available 24/7/365?

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