Reduce IT Costs

Reduce IT Costs


Reduce Your Overall IT Costs

Data Governance can be an expensive endeavor for organizations. Companies must budget for equipment, IT staff and facilities costs. Zovy’s hosted option helps reduce the IT cost associated with governing mission critical information.

  • Equipment costs. When organizations use on-premise solutions for data governance, they must purchase a wide variety of hardware including servers, storage and networking equipment. Zovy’s data centers eliminate the need for any of this equipment to support data governance.
  • IT resources. IT teams strive to use their time as efficiently as possible and focus on mission critical tasks. Unfortunately, many IT specialists spend a significant amount of time on data retrieval for business users which is a commodity task. Zovy empowers business users to search and find data, which means that valuable time is freed for the IT team.
  • Facilities fees. Zovy’s data centers offer state of the art security and storage. It would cost millions to establish facilities with similar levels of robustness.
  • More efficient data storage. Applications that businesses use every day to support operations are optimized for data creation, rather than data storage. As a result, expensive storage resources can quickly reach capacity – especially in this era of Big Data. Zovy’s single-instance storage (SIS) reduces the amount of storage capacity necessary for files, resulting in lower storage costs.



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