Zovy’s solutions are designed to eliminate your data governance obstacles and turn your data into a valuable asset for your business, all in a cost-effective manner.

Top 10 Business Benefits of Zovy:


1. The risk associated with electronically stored information is mitigated. Electronically stored information (ESI) is now the primary form of intellectual property in companies. Executives want to know that this data is secure and safe. Zovy gives the executive teams insight into how data is controlled.


2. Big Data can be leveraged into new forms of revenue. Big Data often holds insights that can be transformed into new revenue streams. The first step in leveraging that information is to organize the data and be able to search it. With Zovy, it becomes possible to connect customer communications with R&D efforts, identify buying patterns and more.


3. Costs are predictable. In many organizations, IT is the single largest expense and it’s inevitable, no matter how unpredictable. Zovy’s hosted solution makes the cost of data governance predictable. It allows businesses to maximize their IT expenditures while minimizing additional hardware purchases and maintenance.





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4. The system serves as a platform for growth.
 Zovy gives organizations the ability to scale their environments in response to growth mandates. In addition, CTOs can reallocate resources from reactive tasks like data retrieval to proactive tasks like setting retention policies and data governance models.


5. Complying with new external regulations is easy. There is a wide variety of new regulations across industries that relate to data governance. In addition, many government contracts require some level of documented archiving practice. To be compliant, companies must produce information in accordance with these standards. Zovy offers tools that allow organizations to meet strict service level agreement (SLA) requirements.


6. Complying with new Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP) policies is simplified. Zovy is designed to help organizations comply with the myriad of policies related to the discoverability, exchange and requests for ESI. In the courtroom, compliance can be a real competitive advantage.


7. Zovy provides a method to define, enforce, validate and audit data governance policies. Companies make decisions about the workflow of data throughout the organization. These policies change from project to project and businesses need an agile way to react. Zovy creates a system which allows IT departments to create an environment that is transparent to the users which allow these policies to be enforced.


8. It’s easy for IT to respond to data requests from users, legal and executives. Requests for data are often the most time consuming process IT departments have to deal with. Zovy provides a platform for efficient universal searching, production and hold of this data, allowing IT departments to respond to company needs.


9. End users can access all relevant data regardless of retention policy. Users need to be experts at their jobs, not experts at the technical details associated with retrieving files. Zovy operates in the background, providing access to information and organizing user data. Users have easy access to relevant files without personal involvement in the technical aspects of the retrieval process.


10. Downtime for critical business systems is reduced. It’s common for IT departments to put limits on mailbox sizes to make upgrades and system failures as infrequent as possible. Zovy gives users a “bottomless mailbox” environment where all their data is accessible, while satisfying the needs of the IT department to minimize the storage in the exchange server.


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