Litigation Reduction & Response

Litigation Reduction & Response


Participate in the Entire eDiscovery Process

Due to the explosion of electronically stored information (ESI) in everyday life, it’s not surprising that the need for eDiscovery in the litigation process is on the rise. Unfortunately, eDiscovery is very expensive and very few companies have the skills in-house to do it well.

With Zovy, organizations can reduce the risk of litigation and when litigation does happen, reduce the costs associated with it.

  • Bring eDiscovery in-house. Zovy enables organizations to conduct their own eDiscovery. The tool is easy enough for legal staff to use, without assistance or intervention from the IT team. Simply enter the dates of interest and the types of information needed – Zovy retrieves the relevant data for litigation.
  • Respond to litigation quickly and comprehensively. With in-house eDiscovery tools like Zovy, it is possible to respond to lawsuits rapidly. In many cases, speed of response is critical. In addition, the information generated by Zovy is defensible in court. Audit trails prove the process and demonstrate compliance with regulatory standards.

Use Zovy to participate in your own litigation eDiscovery and stop paying a premium for costly outside services.




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