Meet Demands of Big Data

Meet Demands of Big Data


Ideal Big Data Storage

Big Data is something that every company understands – whether an organization is large or small, it’s highly likely that every day employees and business processes are generating more data than ever before. Big Data creates several challenges:

  • The cost of additional storage isn’t linear. As data volumes increase, storage costs also go up. But the expense isn’t predictable and linear. This makes it hard for the businesses accurately plan.
  • Over specifying systems to accommodate the worst case scenario is expensive. When organizations handle data storage on-premise, they never buy hardware that will simply meet their current needs. Instead, they future proof themselves and buy much more capacity than they currently need.
  • When data volumes overwhelm current systems, the costs to accommodate the data become exponential. With data volumes growing so rapidly, many companies reach a point where their information completely overwhelms the capabilities of their physical infrastructure. When that happens, it’s no longer practical to store data on-premise and building data centers become the next best solution.

Zovy is ideal for storing Big Data. Its hosted option charges a flat fee per terabyte of data. That turns IT costs related to storage, infrastructure, connectivity and backup into a projectable, linear cost model. The storage capacity at Zovy’s data centers is virtually unlimited, so organizations no longer have to worry about sizing hardware to meet uncertain future storage needs. Companies of all sizes can leverage state-of-the-art archiving, backup and eDiscovery. With Zovy, small organizations now have access to resources and functionality that used to be limited to only large enterprises.


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Dropbox Costs $15,000/Year for 100 Business Users, Zovy Z-Hub Costs $0/Year for Unlimited Userszhub

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